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Level 1 (7-8 Year Olds)

Online Islamic Classes for boys and girls – recommended ages between 7 & 8.

  • First Term Dates First Term Dates

    9 Jan 2024 - 19 Mar 2024

  • Second Term Dates Second Term Dates

    23 April 2024 - 25 Jun 2024

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    Study from home

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    Well experienced Islamic teachers

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    Boys Tuesdays - Girls Wednesdays


First Semester:

  1. In the name of Allah & The Kalima (what is Islam?) 
  2. Manners before a Lesson, the 5 Islamic terminologies; Halal, haram, mubah, mustahab & wajib  
  3. Introduction to Usul al-Din (Tawheed & Adala)  
  4. Usul al-Din (Prophethood), (Imamah) and (Qiyamah) 
  5. The ten branches of religion and a focus on salaat.
  6. What is Salat? Why do we pray?  How to prepare for it?
  7. Wudhoo, what is wajib? 
  8. Wudhoo, what invalidates it?
  9. How to pray? The five daily prayers. Times of prayer. 
  10. What do we need to know before starting salaat? 
  11. Shahr Ramadhan and Fasting.
  12. Our holy book the Quran 

Second Term

  1. I cannot see Allah (swt) Allah (swt) Loves us.
  2.  Niyyah – The intention 
  3. Actions of Salaat 
  4. Perfecting my Salat – Prayers 
  5. What makes salat invalid 
  6. Manners with parents, elders and youngsters 
  7. Telling The truth – the sin of Lying 
  8. Working hard and not being lazy 
  9. Choosing and keeping good friends 
  10. Cleanliness and Toilet Manners 
  11. Our character: Modesty & Hijab 
  12. The 12 Imams and Imam Mahdi (atf) 

Learning Outcomes

In the first semester students will cover two core modules, the first module will be Islamic belief and the second module will be Islamic Law. In the second semester we will teach the children Islamic ethics and more focus on Islamic Law. 

In the Islamic belief module, students will get an introduction into usool al deen and learn more details about each of the five roots of religion and what they mean. 

In the Islamic law module, they will be introduced to Furoo’ al adeen (roots of religion) and go into detail on what (prayer) and Sawm (fasting). There will be particular focus on the five daily prayers. Students will learn about salaat, how to prepare for it, wudhoo and what invalidates it.  

The end of term one aims to educate the child on the blessed month of Ramadhan, its importance and the holy book of Allah (swt) and how it is a guide for mankind. 

Term two, Islamic law will be an extension of module one, a closer look of actions of Salat, perfecting the salat and what invalidates it so that our students feel confident enough to perform their five daily prayers.  

The Islamic ethics module, will be highlighting important akhlaq lessons such as respecting elders, caring for youngers, being honest, working hard, friendship and hijab & modesty.  


Word from the Course Director

It is important that young children living in the west have a basic overview of the islamic tenets. These core subjects will provide them with a great start to life and will allow them to build on their knowledge for years to come. I believe that children from a tender age should be exposed to this material to ensure they firmly begin to understand the world around them and the true meaning of life.

Faith is key but we must couple it with action and therefore children must be able to understand how to practise and apply their faith correctly. Finally Muslims living in this society must demonstrate a level of moral and ethical conduct, not only is this imperative as they contribute to a society which is founded on co-existence, but also because they are seen as important ambassadors of faith to the world.