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Online Historical Course for Adults

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LESSON ONE – The last year of the Prophets life

  • Ghadir Khum
  • The Army of Usamah
  • The Prophet (a) wishes to advise the Islamic Ummah but was stopped
  • The death of the Prophet (s) and his funeral preparations

 LESSON TWO- What happened at Saqifa Bani Saidah

  • The sedition that took place in Saqifa
  • The role of the Aslam Tribe in pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr
  • Offering a share to those close to Amir al-Mo’minin Imam Ali (a)
  • Offering a share to the wives of the Muhajirin and Ansar

 LESSON THREE – The attack of Lady Fatima (a) house

  • Amir al-Mo’minin makes sure the people know what they have chosen and goes to their doors
  • The events of the attack on Lady Fatima’s (a) house in both Shi’a and Sunni sources
  • What happened when Amir al-Mo’minin (a) was forcefully taken to the mosque

LESSON FOUR – The disagreements regarding the inheritance of the Prophet (s)

  • Fadak and proof it belonged to Lady Fatima (a)
  • The real reasons for taking Fadak of Lady Fatima (a)
  • Lady Fatima’s speech at the mosque

LESSON FIVE – Lady Fatima’s speech to the wives of the Muhajirin and Ansar

  • In this speech Lady Fatima (a) tells them what they have lost by not choosing to support Amir al-Mo’minin (a)
  • She tells them that they will forever regret this decision and it will be a cause of disunity among Muslims

LESSON SIX – Lady Fatima’s (a) martyrdom

  • Bayt ul-Ahzan
  • Lady Fatima’s will
  • The claim that names of two of the children of Amir al-Mo’minin were Abu Bakr and rejecting this claim

The objectives of these sessions is to understand the ramifications and consequences of the events which led up to the Prophet’s (s) death
and immediate period after. It helps us understand further why history took such a deviated course from what the Prophet (s) had set out for his
Muslims. These sessions help us understand what it was that led up to the attack on Lady Fatima (s) and her house. The course will be suitable for adults, brothers and sisters of all ages, to join and benefit, gaining a greater insight to the instrumental defining moments of Islam.

Zahra Khalkhali has taught various topics over 15 years ranging from Mathematics to Islamic Sciences. She has translated various Islamic books to English and has compiled a book “The Shia Response”  answering FAQ regarding the Ahlulbayt (as). She holds a BSC degree in Mathematics from King’s College London University and completed a Masters degree in Islamic Studies.