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If you are wondering why you should enrol your child to our Islamic Enlightenment Course (IEC) then you have come to the right place. Since the turbulent times presented by the outbreak of the pandemic, education and learning have not been the same. With schools and educational centres closed, and operating under uncertainty when open, this has left a wider gap in children’s education than ever before. Parent’s working from home are having to adjust to the difficulties of work and life balance, whilst ensuring their children are getting adequate learning from their educational institutes. As we have adjusted to online learning for school and higher education, we have become aware of a noticeable need for spiritual enlightenment, that was once achieved through mosques and supplementary schools providing Islamic teachings.

The outside world being off limits for the time being, has meant our children are using their phones, tablets and laptops more than ever for both education and entertainment. Our fear is a world where our children become increasingly disconnected from their faith whilst lacking quality engagement, and that is why we believe IEC which combines the practicality of online learning, with the modernity of Islamic learning – will be the perfect solution to this.

Today, online courses are just as beneficial as courses you would take in a classroom. The main concept of online courses is to provide a professional alternative and flexibility in learning — at your own comfort, at your own pace and at anywhere. The other key benefit being, that your child is at a safe distance when learning to give you that reassurance you so need in this day and age.

The added benefit of joining our IEC also means that your child is becoming part of a safe global online learning community, monitored by experienced and valued individuals at the convenience of being only two hours long a week. For families who live far away from Shia Muslim communities, this is a great opportunity to become part of a bigger and wider community online. 

With social learning being the main core of our online learning philosophy, most of our activities are focused on discussions where your children can share and interact with other like minded users. At IEC, your child will have the chance to interact with their peers and discuss related topics while also being exposed to the diverse cultures and backgrounds that make up the Shia Muslim community.  

We believe that IEC is the way forward, and strongly and sincerely believe that these courses will not only be time efficient for your child during their busy schedules, but serve as a stepping block as your child advances into the upcoming stages of their life.

We hope that through IEC, your child will create long lasting bonds that can be used to further enhance a stronger overall identity for them, by exploring educational trips, summer camps, study groups, life skills programmes, mentoring and bespoke one to one tuition. We look forward to having your child as part of our growing online community, and trust that they will thrive both spiritually and mentally – gaining a deeper understanding of their faith, identity and the world they are part of.