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About us

Dawn Foundation is an online platform which aims to nurture a Shia Muslim community that is comfortable in their beliefs, proud of their faith and inspired to share it with the world.

There is a growing spiritual disconnect, and to address this, Dawn provides short animation videos, articles, podcasts and educational online courses to diffuse doubt, fortify conviction to help build one’s identity.

Online courses are delivered via modern video conferencing tools, parents can enroll their children in faith based educational programmes or they can choose to take part themselves in courses designed for adults.

Knowledge is a core component in empowering the understanding of Islam. Dawn will tackle misconceptions levelled against Shia Muslims and address beliefs which may remain unclear to the community today.

WATCH, READ & LEARN form the core delivery methods. Dawn is seeking to promote gender and race diversity whilst celebrating achievements across different backgrounds.

The Dawn Foundation is a UK registered charity,  charity Number 1198551.

Message from the Director

Growing up in the UK I have always found it difficult to reconcile my faith with life. As a community, language and culture meant that we were always playing catch up. The older generation could not connect with the younger ones and when they did they could not speak their language or understand their issues. This is when I came to appreciate the need to communicate the pure faith of Islam to new generations in the language and style they understood.

To know what it means to be a Muslim today one must understand how Islam can interact with liberal values. In finding our identity we must be able to navigate the misconceptons levelled against Islam by the far right and extremist organisations. Similarly we face a growing sectarian divide with many being sidelined for adhering to the path of Ahlulbayt.

The Dawn Foundation was established to deal with these ongoing issues aiming to guide, inspire and enlighten Shia Muslims living in the west.

Amir Taki